When we first started our Instagram profile in 2015, we had two main goals. The first goal was to inspire our audience to try something new, whether it be a new food, a different type of coffee, or a new adventure around town. Our second goal was to exemplify the beauty in the seemingly mundane and to show the importance of appreciating even the smallest things in life. 

Fast forward to now and our goals are still exactly the same. We aim to inspire and to continually reflect our attitude towards appreciation of every aspect of life. We are also still two crazy friends that are probably a little too passionate about the most random things. But that's what makes us unique, right? 

When we sat down to create this website, we created it with the intent to be a new platform for us to accomplish our fundamental goals. So we want you to click around, stay a while, and to of course tell your friends. But most of all we hope that we can inspire you to try something new and to see how amazing life is. See somewhere that we can improve or have a suggestion? Let us know! We love your feedback.


-Trisha & Amir